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AJRP Glossary of military terms, ranks and units
This page lists the translations used in the AJRP database for common Japanese military terms, ranks and units.
(Hint: typing "rank" or "unit" in a search of the glossary will produce a comprehensive list of rank or unit translations used by the AJRP.)
jûhôhei daitai重砲兵大隊heavy artillery battalion
jûi獣医veterinary officer
jûka銃火rifle fire
jûkikanjû重機関銃heavy machine-gun
jun'i准尉warrant officer
kabutsushô貨物廠freight depot
kaigun海軍navy, naval (Note: When appended to other character combinations, "kaigun" can also become a generic description (i.e.,"naval"); hence it is not defined here as "the navy.")
kaigun bôrô海軍望楼naval observation and communication tower (Note: According to the Dictionary of the Japanese Army and Navy, these towers were "established at convenient coastal locations, for observing and communicating with passing vessels.")
kaigun daigakkô海軍大学校The Naval Staff Training College (Note: This college was set up for the specialist training of selected naval officers intended for leadership roles within the Japanese Navy. Initially established in 1888 at Tsukiji. )
kaigun kikan gakkô海軍機関学校The Naval Engineering College (Note: This institution was established at Yokosuka in 1881, to educate and train naval recruits in the operation and management of naval warships. It later expanded its activities to include the operation and management of sea-launched aircraft. )
kaigun kôshô海軍工廠naval yard
naval arsenal
kaigun sensui gakkô海軍潜水学校The Naval Submarine Academy
kaigun heigakkô海軍兵学校The Naval Academy (Note: Originally established in Tsukiji, Tokyo as the initial place of reception and education of naval recruits, the Naval Academy was moved to Hiroshima in 1888, where it remained until the end of the Pacific War. It was also known as "Etajima.")
kaijô yusô海上輸送sea transport
kakke脚気beriberi (Note: medical term)
kanja患者hospital patient
kanja yusô shôtai患者輸送小隊casualty clearing platoon
kanja yusôtai患者輸送隊casualty clearing unit
kantôgun関東軍The Kwantung Army (Note: 1919-1945. Before and during WWII, the Kwantung Army was primarily responsible for the control and administration of the puppet state of Manchuria , or Manshûkoku, as well as the suppression of the Chinese Nationalist Army.)
kashikan下士官non-commissioned officer
keibakugeki tai軽爆撃隊light bomber unit (air)
keibitai警備隊guard unit
keikai butai警戒部隊security detachment (Note: From the verb "keikai suru;" to protect; to make secure)
keikikanjû軽機関銃light machine-gun
automatic rifle
keikyû shingô警急信号alarm signal
keiri-bu経理部finance corps
keitai kahei携帯火兵light arms
small arms

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