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AJRP Glossary of military terms, ranks and units
This page lists the translations used in the AJRP database for common Japanese military terms, ranks and units.
(Hint: typing "rank" or "unit" in a search of the glossary will produce a comprehensive list of rank or unit translations used by the AJRP.)
sensuibokan潜水母艦submarine mother-ship
sentai戦隊air group (Note: Army air unit)
sentô joretsu戦闘序列order of battle
sentô shôhô戦闘詳報detailed engagement report
detailed battle report
setsueitai設営隊construction unit
shamôdan射耗弾expended ammunition
sharyô chûtai車両中隊ambulance company
shichûhei輜重兵army service corps
shichûhei rentai輜重兵連隊army service corps regiment
shichûtai輜重中隊supply and transport company
shidan eiseitai師団衛生隊division medical unit
shidan shireibu師団司令部division headquarters
shidan tsûshintai師団通信隊division signals unit
shien butai支援部隊support group
shikan師管divisional district
shingeki butai進撃部隊strike force
shinjô meisaibo身上明細簿enlisted soldier's service record
shitai支隊detachment, force
shôdepot, workshop
shôi少尉second lieutenant (army)
ensign (navy)
pilot officer (air)
shôkai butai哨戒部隊patrol group
shôkan将官general officer (commissioned officer above Major General) (Note: This term was used by the Japanese Army to classify commissioned officers above a certain rank. "Shôkan" can refer to the rank of Major General, Lieutenant General, or General. Se also "ikan" and "sakan." )
shôkô将校commissioned officer
shôkôkei kahô小口径火砲rifle, small calibre gun
shôkonsha招魂社Shrine to commemorate the war dead (Note: Yasukuni Shrine is dedicated to the memory of all Japanese soldiers who have died in the service of their country - including members of Japan's post-war army, the Self-Defence Forces ("jieitai"). It has regional branches all over Japan)
shôkû daitai照空大隊anti-aircraft searchlight battalion
shokuju denpyô食需伝票ration return
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