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AJRP Glossary of military terms, ranks and units
This page lists the translations used in the AJRP database for common Japanese military terms, ranks and units.
(Hint: typing "rank" or "unit" in a search of the glossary will produce a comprehensive list of rank or unit translations used by the AJRP.)
shokuju denpyô食需伝票ration return
ration indent
shomuka庶務科General Affairs Section
shonin初任first appointment
shôsa少佐major (army)
lieutenant commander (navy)
squadron leader (air)
shôshô少将major general (army)
rear admiral (navy)
shôtai小隊platoon (army)
division (navy)
flight (army air)
shôtaichô小隊長platoon commander (army) (Note: See "Hikô Shôtai")
flight lieutenant (air) (Note: See "Hikô Shôtai")
shûban週番weekly duty (Note: For example, "shûban fukkan;" weekly adjutant)
shubitai shireibu守備隊司令部garrison headquarters
shûchû kôgeki集中攻撃concentrated attack
shuei kimmu守衛勤務guard duty
shûgyô就業medicine and duty (a sick-book entry)
shujutsu手術surgical operation
intendance officer
shukeika主計科finance section
shukun殊勲distinguished service (Note: "shukunshô;" Conspicuous Gallantry Medal)
meritorious deed (Note: "shukunshô;" Conspicuous Gallantry Medal)
shuninkan主任管officer in charge
shuppatsu meirei出発命令marching orders
shuppei出兵despatch of troops
shûribu修理部maintenance section
shûrishô修理廠maintenance park
shuryoku主力main strength
main force
shuryûdan手榴弾hand grenade
shusei守勢defence (Note: For example, "shusei ni tatsu;" to be on the defensive; to assume the defensive)
shusei bôgyo守勢防御passive defence
shûsei butai集成部隊composite unit (Note: A unit composed of parts of different units from the same arm or division)

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