Australian War Memorial - AJRP Glossary of military terms, ranks and units

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AJRP Glossary of military terms, ranks and units
This page lists the translations used in the AJRP database for common Japanese military terms, ranks and units.
(Hint: typing "rank" or "unit" in a search of the glossary will produce a comprehensive list of rank or unit translations used by the AJRP.)
akagami赤紙conscription notice, call-up papers
angô dempô暗号電報cipher telegram
angôfu暗合符cipher code
anshô暗礁reef, sunken rock
anzen chitai安全地帯safety zone (Note: See "senchi" )
anzen shingô安全信号safety signal
arasu荒ラスto ravage, loot
asase浅瀬shallows, shoal (Note: Appears frequently on marine and coastal maps)
atsumaru集マルto assemble (Note: E.g: "Atsumare!" ( Fall in!))
baei hôhei馬曳砲兵horse-drawn artillery
baidoku梅毒syphilis, venereal disease
bajutsu馬術horsemanship, riding
bakuchin爆沈to sink (an enemy vessel)
bakudan爆弾bomb (aerial)
bakudan kôgeki爆弾攻撃bombing attack (aerial)
bakuen爆煙smoke (from a bomb burst)
bakufun爆粉detonating powder
bakugeki chûtai爆撃中隊bomber squadron
bakugeki mokuhyô爆撃目標bombing objective
bakugekiki爆撃機bomber (aeroplane)
bakuha爆破demolition (with explosives)
bakuhatsu爆発explosion, blast
bakuretsu ryûdan爆裂榴弾high explosive shell

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