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Human face of war
This project commences a new general history of the Pacific War written by researchers based at the Australian War Memorial. It is produced in English, translated into Japanese, and disseminated through the web-site of the Australia–Japan Research Project.

The aims of Human face of war are:
  • to promote understanding between Australians and Japanese concerning the role of the two countries in the Pacific War;
  • to highlight human experiences of the Pacific War by placing Japanese and Australian personal stories in a historical context; and
  • to produce a bilingual product accessible to all in Australia and Japan.

  • The project targets a wide, general readership, and is based in sound and objective scholarship. It focuses on the campaigns between Australian and Japanese forces in Papua, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands from 1942 to the post-war period.

    Human face of war incorporates campaign histories, personal accounts, images of the conflict, and maps, and is based in English and Japanese source materials.

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