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91%Item - Japanese news bulletin (Australian War Memorial: 7/9/5 BPXJ2): 24/7/1945
89%Item - Outline survey of Borneo sector (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/15): 11/8/1944
83%Item - Live for Japan (Australian War Memorial: 7/9/12 J2): 7/8/1942
81%Item - Japanese place names: Mindanao and Sulu archipelago (Philippine Islands) (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 12/77): 11/10/1944
81%Item - South Pacific News Bulletin No. 44 (Australian War Memorial: 7/9/12 J289): 14/5/1945
79%Item - Boat unit regulations between Bogo and Surigao (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/16): 11/9/1944
78%Item - Hoko - the spy–hostage system of group control - the clue to Japanese psychology (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 12/99): 11/5/1945

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