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86%Item - JA147357 interrogation report (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 6/8): 7/8/1944
83%Item - To officers and men of the Mikado's forces (Australian War Memorial: 7/9/12 J4): 8/7/1942
82%Item - JA145752 interrogation report (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 6/7): 30/5/1944
81%Item - Japanese 4th Division and 64th Independent Mixed Brigade information and troop movements (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 12/9): 31/7/1943
81%Item - JA147544 interrogation report (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 6/9): 17/8/1944
81%Item - Hawaii-Malaya Naval Operations (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/1): 27/3/1943
81%Item - Craft used for crossing Straits of Johore and land transport of MLC (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 12/46): 27/3/1944
80%Item - JA147468 interrogation report (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 6/8): 7/8/1944
80%Item - Miscellaneous records of the Southern Expeditionary Force (Tomi 8125 Butai) in Malaya and the Philippines (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/1): 10/4/1943
79%Item - Intelligence reports issued by Yazawa Unit Headquarters and Oki Group Headquarters, 8 March - 30 September 1942 (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/3): 21/7/1943
79%Item - 16th Army report on medical situation in Java for February 1944 (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/34): 19/5/1945
79%Item - Material for study regarding combat tactics against parachute forces (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/37): 10/10/1945
79%Item - Malaya campaign, 1941-1942 (Australian War Memorial: AWM55 5/24): 11/1/1945
79%Item - Characteristics of submarine and anti-submarine operations (Australian War Memorial: AWM5 5/25): 19/1/1945

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