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Secondary Bibliography by Author
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Show details for 12 Bôshi Senyûkai Henshûi Inkai (ed.)12 Bôshi Senyûkai Henshûi Inkai (ed.)
Show details for 204 Kûsenshi Kankôkai204 Kûsenshi Kankôkai
Show details for ABE TadaoABE Tadao
Show details for ADACHI JirôADACHI Jirô
Show details for AGAWA HiroyukiAGAWA Hiroyuki
Show details for AITOKU IchirôAITOKU Ichirô
Show details for AKIMOTO MinoruAKIMOTO Minoru
Show details for AKINAGA YoshirôAKINAGA Yoshirô
Show details for AMAMIYA KaichôAMAMIYA Kaichô
Show details for AMEKURA TakayukiAMEKURA Takayuki
Show details for ANDÔ ShôkyôANDÔ Shôkyô
Show details for ANZAI JirôANZAI Jirô
Hide details for AOYAMA NoriyoshiAOYAMA Noriyoshi
AOYAMA Noriyoshi1969, "K chûi no saigo (Death of Lieutenant K)", Sen'yû (Comrades) no.4, Osaka: Bo-tô Sen'yûkai (The Bougainville Veterans' Association), pp.14-16
AOYAMA Noriyoshi1974, "Sekkô no omoide (Memories of reconnoitring)", Sen'yû (Comrades) no.14, Osaka: Bo-tô Sen'yûkai (The Bougainville Veterans's Association), pp.42-45
AOYAMA Noriyoshi1975, "Sekkô no omoide (2) (Memories of reconnoitring (2))", Soromon (Solomon Islands) no.3, Tokyo: Zenkoku Soromonkai Jimukyoku, pp.17-24
Show details for ARAGANE ToshioARAGANE Toshio
Show details for ARAI TakaakiARAI Takaaki
Show details for ARAMAKI YoshiakiARAMAKI Yoshiaki
Show details for ARAO TatsuoARAO Tatsuo
Show details for ARITA MitsueARITA Mitsue
Show details for ASADA MataheiASADA Matahei
Show details for ASADA ShirôASADA Shirô
Show details for Asahi ShinbunshaAsahi Shinbunsha
Show details for ASANO IchirôASANO Ichirô
Show details for ASANO SadaoASANO Sadao
Show details for ASANUMA ShigeoASANUMA Shigeo
Show details for ASAOKA MasamitsuASAOKA Masamitsu

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