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Secondary Bibliography by Author
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Hide details for ASANUMA ShigeoASANUMA Shigeo
ASANUMA Shigeo1993, "Arekara 50 nen: kyosei otsu, Yamamoto chôkan no senshi, kaigun rabauru hômenkai kaihô: 3-5 (Fifty years since the death of Admiral YAMAMOTO)", Kaigun Rabauru Hômenkai Kaihô (The Navy Rabaul Association Newsletter), Chiba: IKEGAMI Iwao, pp.3-5
Show details for ASAOKA MasamitsuASAOKA Masamitsu
Show details for ASÔ TetsuoASÔ Tetsuo
Show details for ATÔ TomoakiATÔ Tomoaki
Show details for BABA TakumiBABA Takumi
Show details for BANDÔ MakotoBANDÔ Makoto
Show details for Bo-tô Sen'yûkaiBo-tô Sen'yûkai
Show details for Bôeichô Bôeikenkyûsho SenshishitsuBôeichô Bôeikenkyûsho Senshishitsu
Show details for Bôeichô BôeikenshûjoBôeichô Bôeikenshûjo
Show details for BokusuikaiBokusuikai
Show details for Boynton, Gregory (translated by SHINBASHI Akira)Boynton, Gregory (translated by SHINBASHI Akira)
Show details for Burke, Davis (translated by YOSHIMOTO Shinichirô)Burke, Davis (translated by YOSHIMOTO Shinichirô)
Show details for Cant GilbertCant Gilbert
Show details for CHIYOYA TadanariCHIYOYA Tadanari
Show details for Dai 1 Chûtai Sen'yûkaiDai 1 Chûtai Sen'yûkai
Show details for Dai 204 Kaigun KôkûtaiDai 204 Kaigun Kôkûtai
Show details for Dai 5 BaiasukaiDai 5 Baiasukai
Show details for Daihon'ei Kaigun HôdôbuDaihon'ei Kaigun Hôdôbu
Show details for DAZAI ShiroichirôDAZAI Shiroichirô
Show details for DensankaiDensankai
Show details for DEZAWA ToshioDEZAWA Toshio
Show details for DOI KazuoDOI Kazuo
Show details for DOI ShôsukeDOI Shôsuke
Show details for DOI YutakaDOI Yutaka
Show details for Dokuji 39 butaiDokuji 39 butai
Show details for Dokuritsu Hohei Dai 10 Rentai Senpaku Kôhei Dai 5 Rentai SenyûkaiDokuritsu Hohei Dai 10 Rentai Senpaku Kôhei Dai 5 Rentai Senyûkai
Show details for Dokuritsu Jidôsha dai 39 Daitai-shi Henshû IinkaiDokuritsu Jidôsha dai 39 Daitai-shi Henshû Iinkai
Show details for Dokuyû 91 Rabauru Sen'yûkaiDokuyû 91 Rabauru Sen'yûkai
Show details for EBIHARA YasuyukiEBIHARA Yasuyuki

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