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Secondary Bibliography by Category
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2/17 Battalion History Committee (ed.), 1998, "'What we have we hold": a history of the 2/17 Australian Infantry Battalion 1940–1945 , Loftus: Australian Military History Publications
Ackland, John ( (ed.), 1944, Word from John: an Australian soldier's letters to his friends , Sydney: Cassell
Connolly, Ray ( (ed.), 1985, Medical soldiers: 2/10 Australian Field Ambulance 8 Div. 1940–45 , Kingsgrove: 2/10 Australian Field Ambulance Association
Dennis, Peter (et. al.) (ed.), 1995, The Oxford companion to Australian military history , Melbourne: Oxford University Press
Harding, James (ed.), 1996, It had to B.U.: the life story of 80 Squadron RAAF , Melbourne: Chandos Publishing
HMAS Shropshire Crew (ed.), 1946, "Porthole" being a chronicle of the operations, experiences, and peregrinations of HMAS Shropshire in the Second World War, 1939–1945 , Sydney: John Sands
Hull, Walter (ed.), 1995, Salvos with the forces , Mont Albert: Salvation Army
Lloyd, C. ( (ed.), 1997, Background briefings: John Curtin's war , Canberra: National Library of Australia
Nelson, Hank (ed.), 1996, The war diaries of Eddie Allan Stanton: Papua 1942–45, New Guinea 1945–46 , Sydney: Allen and Unwin
RAAF Historical Section (ed.), 1995, Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a concise history, 10 vols , Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service
Raxworthy, Richard (ed.), 1993, Soldiering on in Papua New Guinea: 9th Australian Field Ambulance (AIF) 1939–45 , Haymarket: 9th Australian Field Ambulance Committee
Robertson, J. ( (ed.), 1985, Australian war strategy 1939–1945: a documentary history , Brisbane: University of Queensland Press
Semmler, C. (ed.), 1985, The war diaries of Kenneth Slessor: official Australian correspondent 1940–1944 , St Lucia: University of Queensland Press
Semmler, C. (ed.), 1987, The war despatches of Kenneth Slessor , St Lucia: University of Queensland Press
Smith, Adele Shelton (ed.), 1944, The boys write home , Sydney: Consolidated Press
Wetherell, David (ed.), 1981, The New Guinea diaries of Philip Strong 1936–1945 , Melbourne: Macmillan
Willoughby, C.A. (ed.), 1966, Reports of General MacArthur , Washington: United States Army
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