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South Seas Force

The South Seas Force was commanded by Lt Gen HORII Tomitarô, and was initially raised as a special force directly under the command of Imperial Headquarters. Its strength at mobilisation was as follows.

At 4 Oct 1941 (time of mobilisation)
Commander: Maj Gen HORII Tomitarô

55th Infantry Group Headquarters
144th Infantry Regiment (see note)
55th Cavalry Regiment 3rd Company (less one platoon) plus 55th Cavalry Regiment Pom-pom Gun Squad (two machine-guns, one pom-pom gun)
55th Mountain Artillery Regiment 3rd Battalion (three companies, 12 guns)
55th Engineer Regiment 1st Company (four platoons) plus Materials Platoon (part strength)
55th Division Signals Unit (part strength, two wired squads)
55th Supply Regiment 2nd Company (motorised)
55th Division Sanitation Unit (one-third strength)
55th Division 1st Field Hospital
55th Division Veterinary Workshop (one-third strength)
55th Division Disease Prevention and Water Supply Unit (part strength)
47th Field Artillery (type B) Battalion (one company)
10th Independent Engineer Regiment 3rd Company (less one platoon)
Marine Artillery Regiment (part strength)
37th Embarkation Headquarters (part strength)
105th Sea Duty Company (one platoon)
1st Marine Signals Unit 15th Platoon

144th Infantry Regiment included: Regimental HQ, three battalions, Infantry Gun Company, Signals Unit, Ammunition Squad.
Battalion comprised: three infantry companies, one machine-gun company (four guns), one battalion gun platoon (two guns).
Infantry gun company comprised: two regimental guns, two pom-pom guns.
Infantry company comprised: three platoons (three light machine-guns, four grenade launchers)
Signals Unit comprised: code machines (Infantry group HQ had three code machines).

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