Australia-Japan Research Project

AustraliaJapan Research Project at the Australian War Memorial
The human face of war
Australian forces, Kokoda Trail, July–November 1942

AIF and Militia
Maroubra Force
16th Infantry Brigade
2/1st Battalion
2/2nd Battalion
2/3rd Battalion
21st Infantry Brigade
2/14th Battalion
2/16th Battalion
2/27th Battalion
25th Infantry Brigade
2/25th Battalion
2/31st Battalion
2/33rd Battalion
30th Infantry Brigade
39th Battalion
53rd Battalion
3rd Battalion
2/1st Pioneer Battalion
2/6th Independent Company
14th Field Regiment
Papuan Infantry Battalion
2/6th Field Company
2/14th Field Company
2/9th Australian General Hospital
2/4th Field Ambulance
2/6th Field Ambulance

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