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Human face of war
Japanese forces, post-war Rabaul

8th Area Army (Rabaul)
8th Area Army Headquarters
8th Area Army Fortification Unit
8th Area Army Special Intelligence Unit
8th Area Army Signals Unit
8th Area Army Independent Air Unit
9th Artillery Headquarters
7th Field Heavy Artillery Regiment
1st Independent Mortar Battalion
8th Tank Regiment
18th Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Headquarters
39th Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
47th Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
48th Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
50th Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
36th Independent Field Anti-aircraft Company
37th Independent Field Anti-aircraft Company
3rd Field Searchlight Battalion
5th Field Searchlight Battalion
15th Field Machine Cannon Company
14th Independent Mixed Regiment
16th Telegraph Regiment
47th Telegraph Regiment
8th Fixed Signals Unit
9th Fixed Signals Unit
15th Fixed Signals Unit
91st Independent Wired Company
1st Independent Wireless Platoon
61st Independent Wireless Platoon
62nd Independent Wireless Platoon
63rd Independent Wireless Platoon
26th Field Munitions Depot
26th Field Motor Car Workshop
26th Field Supply Depot
6th Field Military Police
38th Independent Motor Car Battalion
31st Field Road Construction Unit
6th Assault Force
7th Assault Force
14th Line of Communication Medical Unit Headquarters
67th Line of Communication Hospital
103rd Line of Communication Hospital
10th Casualty Clearing Unit Headquarters
63rd Casualty Clearing Platoon
76th Casualty Clearing Platoon
24th Field Disease Prevention and Water Supply Unit
16th Line of Communication Veterinary Workshop
Independent Sea Duty Battalion
4th Shipping Transport Headquarters
8th Marine Engineer Regiment
4th Shipping Group Headquarters
14th Field Postal Unit
48th Airfield Battalion
25th Airfield Company
26th Airfield Company

17th Army (Rabaul)
17th Army Headquarters
53rd Infantry Regiment
54th Infantry Regiment
81st Infantry Regiment
51st Reconnaissance Regiment (part strength)
17th Engineer Regiment
23rd Field Artillery Regiment
17th Supply and Transport Regiment
17th Division Signals Unit
17th Division Medical Unit
17th Division Munitions Duty Unit
17th Division 1st Field Hospital
17th Division 2nd Field Hospital
2nd Mixed Regiment

38th Division (Rabaul)
38th Division Headquarters
228th Infantry Regiment
229th Infantry Regiment
230th Infantry Regiment
38th Mountain Artillery Regiment
38th Engineer Regiment
38th Supply and Transport Regiment
38th Division Signals Unit
38th Division Medical Unit
38th Division Munitions Duty Unit
38th Division Armoured Vehicle Unit
38th Division 1st Field Hospital
38th Division 2nd Field Hospital
38th Division Veterinary Workshop
3rd Mixed Regiment

65th Brigade (Rabaul)
65th Brigade Headquarters
141st Infantry Regiment
Brigade Engineer Unit
Brigade Signals Unit
Brigade Field Hospital

40th Independent Mixed Brigade (New Ireland)
40th Independent Mixed Brigade Headquarters
34th Independent Mixed Regiment
35th Independent Mixed Regiment
Brigade Artillery Unit
Brigade Engineer Unit
Brigade Signals Unit
Brigade Supply and Transport Unit
Brigade Field Hospital
14th Independent Mixed Regiment

Rabaul sector
South-East Area Fleet Headquarters
11th Air Fleet
105th Airbase Force
958th Navy Air Corps
81st Garrison
84th Garrison
85th Garrison
86th Garrison
8th Submarine Base Force
Yokohama 8th Special Base Force
8th Signals Unit
8th Harbour Duty Unit
8th Base Force
10th Establishment Unit
28th Establishment Unit
101th Establishment Unit
211th Establishment Unit
212th Establishment Unit

New Ireland
18th Base Force
83rd Garrison
89th Garrison
18th Establishment Unit

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Human face of war
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