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Human face of war
Japanese forces, Bougainville

17th Army
17th Army Headquarters

6th Division
6th Division Headquarters
13th Infantry Regiment
23rd Infantry Regiment
45th Infantry Regiment
6th Reconnaissance Regiment
6th Mountain Artillery Regiment
6th Engineer Regiment
6th Supply and Transport Regiment
6th Division Signals Unit
6th Division Munitions Duty Unit
6th Division 1st Field Hospital
6th Division 2nd Field Hospital
6th Division 3rd Field Hospital
6th Division Medical Unit
6th Division Veterinary Workshop

38th Independent Mixed Brigade
38th Independent Mixed Brigade Headquarters
17th Infantry Group Headquarters
81st Infantry Regiment
53rd Infantry Regiment 3rd Battalion
54rd Infantry Regiment 2nd Battalion
Brigade Artillery Unit
Brigade Engineer Unit
Brigade Medical Unit
Brigade Signals Unit
17th Field Artillery Regiment 1st Battalion
10th Independent Mountain Artillery Regiment (part strength)
17th Division Medical Unit (part strength)
17th Engineer Regiment (part strength)
2nd Shipping Group
64th Casualty Clearing Platoon
12th Marine Engineer Company

4th South Seas Garrison
4th South Seas Garrison Headquarters
4th South Seas Garrison 1st Battalion
4th South Seas Garrison 2nd Battalion
4th South Seas Garrison 3rd Battalion
4th South Seas Garrison Signals Unit
4th South Seas Garrison 1st Company
4th South Seas Garrison 2nd Company
4th South Seas Garrison 3rd Company

12th Tank Regiment
4th Field Heavy Artillery Regiment
15th Field Anti-aircraft Headquarters
38th Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
41st Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
59th Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
31st Independent Field Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion
22nd Field Machine Cannon Company
23rd Field Machine Cannon Company
27th Field Machine Cannon Company
32nd Telegraph Regiment
88th Independent Wired Company
6th Independent Wireless Platoon
60th Independent Wireless Platoon
69th Independent Wireless Platoon
70th Independent Wireless Platoon
6th Field Searchlight Company
19th Independent Engineer Regiment
39th Field Road Construction Unit
55th Construction Duty Company
55th Special Land Duty Company (part strength)
96th Land Duty Company (part strength)
2nd Marine Engineer Regiment
2nd Landing Unit
212th Independent Motor Car Company
76th Line of Communication Hospital
94th Line of Communication Hospital
53rd Casualty Clearing Platoon
54th Casualty Clearing Platoon
17th Army Disease Prevention and Water Supply Unit
26th Field Munitions Depot (part strength)
26th Motor Car Workshop
26th Supply Depot (part strength)

8th Fleet Headquarters (Buin)
1st Base Force
Sasebo 6th Special Naval Landing Party
Kure 7th Special Naval Landing Party
82nd Garrison
78th Garrison
88th Garrison
18th Anti-aircraft Unit
16th Establishment Unit
26th Establishment Unit
32nd Establishment Unit
34th Establishment Unit
121st Establishment Unit
131st Establishment Unit
20th Establishment Unit (Buka)
8th Combined Special Naval Landing Party (New Georgia)

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Human face of war
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