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The AJRP would like to thank the numerous people who have contributed to the project in various ways since its inception.

Defense Attache, Embassy of Japan
  • Captain Kazushige Nagai
  • Captain Naruto Nishi
  • Captain Fumiyuki Kitagawa
  • Captain Kazuyasu Shingu
  • Captain Takahide Yamamoto
AJRP honorary positions
  • Dr Morris Low (Fellow of the Australia–Japan Research Project, University of Queensland)
  • Professor TANAKA Hiromi (Fellow of the Australia–Japan Research Project, National Defense Academy of Japan)
  • Professor KAWAUCHI Kenryû (Research Associate of the Australia–Japan Research Project, Komazawa University)
AJRP staff at the Australian War Memorial
  • [At present the AJRP has suspended its research activities]
Former AJRP staff at the Australian War Memorial
  • Keiko Tamura (Project Manager)
  • Steve Bullard (Project Manager)
  • Haruki Yoshida (Volunteer)
  • Peter Londey (Project Manager)
  • Anne-Marie Conde (AWM Project Officer)
  • Andrew Lee (AWM Project Officer)
  • Ian Hodges (AWM Project Officer)
  • Akemi Inoue (Senior Research Officer)
  • Lawrie Cremin (Senior Research Officer)
  • Damien Fenton (Research Officer)
  • Joan Kwek (Senior Research Officer)
  • Meredith Patton (Senior Research Officer)
  • John Moremon (Research Officer)
  • Daniel Oakman (Research Officer)
  • Damien Fenton (Research Officer, Remembering the war in New Guinea project)
Essay, seminar and symposium contributors
  • Associate Professor CHIDA Takeshi (Kure City History Office, Japan)
  • Associate Professor Jeffrey Grey (Australian Defence Force Academy)
  • Professor HARA Takeshi (National Institute of Defense Studies, Japan)
  • Dr David Horner (Australian National University)
  • Dr Rikki Kersten (University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Neville Meaney (Sydney University)
  • Mr MUTA Shohei (Japan Institute for Cultural Exchange, Japan)
  • Professor Hank Nelson (Australian National University)
  • Mr Richard Pelvin (Australian War Memorial)
  • Dr Richard Reid (Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Mr David Sissons (fmr Australian National University)
  • Dr Peter Stanley (Australian War Memorial)
  • Professor TANAKA Hiromi (National Defense Academy of Japan, Japan)
  • Professor UTSUMI Aiko (Keisen University, Japan)
  • Professor David Walker (Deakin University)
  • Dr Alan Warren (Monash University)
  • Professor WATANABE Akio (Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan)
Collaborators, volunteers and consultants
  • Ms Louise Burmester (Australian War Memorial)
  • Ms Jennifer Brewster (Canberra Institute of Technology)
  • Mr Mark Taylor (Scribblybark Editing Services)
  • Dr John Caiger (Australian National Universtiy)
  • Mr Peter Colvin (Fulton Technology)
  • Mr Kenro Iino (Embassy of Japan)
  • Mr Tetsuya Ishii (Embassy of Japan)
  • Dr Stewart Lone (Australian Defence Force Academy)
  • Mr Hajime Marutani
  • Mr Denis McAllister (Australian War Memorial)
  • Dr Robert Nichols (Australian War Memorial)
  • Ms Kathryn Pawley (Australian War Memorial)
  • Ms Carla Schmidt (Australian War Memorial)
  • Professor Tessa Morris-Suzuki (Australian National University)
  • Mr Martin O'Hare (Australian War Memorial)
  • Mr Patrick O'Neill (National Library of Australia)
  • Ms Carolyn Pappas (Australian Defence Force Academy)
  • Mr Stephen Robinson
  • Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich (National Archives of Australia)
  • Mr Oliver Simmonson (Australian International Education Foundation)
  • Mr Yuki Tanaka (University of Western Australia)
  • Mr Mark Whitmore (Australian War Memorial)
  • Mr Robert Woolard
  • Mr Haruki Yoshida
  • Dr Daniel Oakman

The AJRP has wound up its activities at the Memorial for the moment.
Please contact the relevant officer of the Australian War Memorial for assistance.
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