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AJRP update October 2009

Dear list member,

Thank you for your continuing interest in the Australia–Japan Research Project (AJRP) at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.


1. Japanese Midget Submarine attack on Sydney Harbour and its aftermath
The AJRP has conducted a study on the aftermath of the Japanese midget submarine attack in Sydney Harbour in 1942 and the research outcome has been added to our website. Dr Tamura, the AJRP project manager, carried out archival and field research in Australia and Japan to collect material and interview some family members of the submariners. The result is an extensive coverage of the series of incidents in Australia and Japan since the submarine attack up to present. We hope you enjoy exploring this issue on our website.

This site is primarily in English, but there are some bilingual pages in English and Japanese.

An exciting innovation to the AJRP website is the introduction of sound and moving image files. as follows:
  • You can listen to the broadcast of the military funeral which was held for the Japanese midget submariners in Sydney. The original broadcast was in English, but the dubbed version in Japanese is also available.
  • You are also able to listen to Prime Minister Koizumi’s speech, which was delivered in May 2002 in Canberra. In it, he referred to the attack and its aftermath.
  • The video file of Mrs Matsuo’s visit to the Australian War Memorial in 1968 will touch many people’s hearts. It depicts a frail elderly mother with a walking stick approaching submarine in which her son commanded and died.

It is hoped that the site provides comprehensive information on the series of incidents and the interactions between Australia and Japan over sixty-five years.

2. Japan-related articles in Wartime by AJRP staff
Over the years, staff of the AJRP have written various Japan-related articles for Wartime, the magazine of the Australian War Memorial. This magazine is published quarterly and has wide readership among veterans, military history enthusiasts and the general public in Australia. Its articles are richly illustrated from the Memorial’s extensive photographic collection. The topics covered by AJRP staff members are diverse: from Japanese soldiers’ experience on the Kokoda Trail, to Japanese war brides in Australia. Now, you can read these articles online on our site.

3. AJRP database entry work
The final work of entering all Japanese savings and pocket books which are housed in the collection of the Australian War Memorial has been completed. The AJRP would like to sincerely thank the dedication of our long-term volunteer, Haruki Yoshida, for his dedication in completing this task.

AJRP suspension of research activities
After 13 years, it is regrettable to announce that the AJRP is going to suspend its activities for the foreseeable future. The project's website will remain, but it will no longer be updated. The project would like to express its deep appreciation to the Japanese government for its support, and sincerely thank the many Memorial staff, academics, volunteers and others who have contributed to the project’s success over the years.

Please remember that the main entry point for the AJRP and Remembering the war in New Guinea project, and the pages which should be bookmarked, are as follows:

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The AJRP has wound up its activities at the Memorial for the moment.
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