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What are views?
Views are a feature of the AJRP website that allow the user to browse through the database and locate relevant records without resorting to free text searches. Technically, views are lists of documents in a Lotus Notes database. Depending on how they're designed, views can select, sort, or categorize documents in different ways. Views can also show many types of information about the documents listed in them, such as the document's title or date of creation.

A view may show all documents in a database, or only a selection of documents catagorised according to a predefined criteria. Categories help you organize data in views that contain many documents, and help you move around in these views more quickly. For example, a view catagorised by Area groups together all records in the database that relate to a certain location, such as Rabaul.

The AJRP uses the following catagories to display records in the database:

  • Area (geographical location, for example Rabaul, Melanesia, Myitkyina)
  • Category (functional description of the document, for example map, letter, war diary)
  • Conflict (name of the related military conflict, for example Second World War, Pacific war)
  • Keyword (access point for the document as defined by thesaurus, for example military operations, propaganda, transport)
  • Module (the broadest classification of documents which is described in the database, for example Captured Japanese documents, Private records, Official records)
  • Names (name of related individuals, for example IMAMURA Hitoshi, SMITH, John)
  • Unit names (Australian, Allied and Japanese as appropriate, for example 11th Division, Kure 5th Special Naval Landing Party)
  • Year (when the document was created, for example, 1943)

By providing a secondary level of catagorisation, for example by Area and Year, the user can locate all records in the database that were created in a particular year that relate to a certain geographical location. Views are provided that combine all of the above catagorisations to enable the user the greatest flexibility in finding records.

Internet implementation by Fulton Technology and AJRP staff .
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