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Database Records by Year and Keyword
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Sub-Series - Unemployument section monthly labour report (series BCOF related documents): c1945 to c1956
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Item - Survey of Japanese medical units (series Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications): 18/1/1947
Series - AWM Japanese language material: 1927 to 1959
Sub-Series - Miscellaneous Japanese language documents (series AWM Japanese language material): 1927 to 1959
Sub-Series - North of Australia Area army operations (series Army campaign reports and records): 1942 to 1949
Item - Final testament of Lt Gen ADACHI HatazĂ´ (series Army campaign reports and records): ?/8/1945 to 23/9/1947
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Item - Supplies for the occupation forces stolen (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 22/10/1947
Item - Occupation labourers establish a trade union (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 10/5/1947
Item - Seminar by the Occupation Forces Workers' Union (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 8/11/1947
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Item - BCOF "safety week" (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 6/6/1947
Item - Traffic safety demonstration and training in Kure (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 17/6/1947
Item - Traffic safety week in the occupied territory (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 5/6/1947
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Item - Cruising to Kurahashi Island (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 8/6/1947
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Item - Decision of military trial at Kure branch of Hiroshima District Court (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 26/9/1947
Item - Judgement handed down by BCOF military court on 21st (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 24/5/1947
Item - Judgements handed down by BCOF military court on 16th (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 20/5/1947
Item - Military trials under BCOF in Kure (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 25/4/1947
Series - BCOF related newspaper articles: 1945 to 1965
Sub-Series - Asahi Newspaper articles (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 1946 to 1965
Sub-Series - Chronological table from the end of the war to 1949 (series BCOF related documents): 1945 to 1949
Sub-Series - Construction Bureau regular audit information (series BCOF related documents): 1946 to 1951
Sub-Series - History of employment policies (series BCOF related documents): c1945 to c1988

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