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AJRP Glossary of military terms, ranks and units
This page lists the translations used in the AJRP database for common Japanese military terms, ranks and units.
(Hint: typing "rank" or "unit" in a search of the glossary will produce a comprehensive list of rank or unit translations used by the AJRP.)
bunka分課allotment of duties
bunkotsushiki分骨式ceremony for scattering funeral ashes (Note: This term is mentioned in some of the AWM 82 ATIS B documents, especially in war diaries explaining the absence of soldiers who were sent back to Japan to deliver the ashes of their dead comrades.)
bunninkan分任官accountant, acting paymaster
bunretsu kôshin分裂行進marching in line
bunsan haichi分散配置open formation deployment
buntai分隊squad (army)
division (navy)
buppin物品stores, articles
buppin kôfu物品交付issue of supplies
buppin mokuroku物品目録store inventory
buraku部落village, hamlet
force of arms
busô武装armament, equipment (Note: Can also be a verb, as in "busô suru;" to take up arms.)
busôteki chûritsu武装的中立armed neutrality
butai kôdô部隊行動troop movement
butai seiton部隊整頓re-organisation of troops (after battle)
butaichô部隊長unit commander
byôbashô病馬廠veterinary depot
byôinsen病院船hospital ship
byôki hikikomori病気引籠sick leave
byôshô nisshi病症日誌medical case-history sheet
byôtei錨碇anchorage (Note: This term can also be a verb, as in "byôtei suru;" to cast anchor.)
chakuhatsudan着発弾percussion shell
chakuriku着陸landing (of aircraft on land) (Note: See also "chakusui" )
chakuriku sôchi着陸装置undercarriage
chakusui着水landing (of aircraft on water) (Note: See also "chakuriku")
chibô地貌land features
chichû haretsu地中破裂subterranean explosion

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