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AJRP 関連用語リスト

bakuretsu ryûdan爆裂榴弾high explosive shell
bakuretsu shôjûdan爆裂小銃弾explosive bullet
bakuro jinchi暴露陣地exposed (field) position
bakuryô幕僚staff officer
bakuryôchô幕僚長chief staff officer
bakuyaku爆薬powder, explosive
banba chûtai馬場中隊draught horse company
bankoku sekijûjisha万国赤十字社International Red Cross Society
bansôkô絆創膏(adhesive) bandage, sticking plaster
banzai!万歳banzai! (long live the Emperor) (Note: Literally: "Ten thousand years!" (i.e., to the Emperor))
bappô罰俸reduction of pay (as punishment)
barasutoバラストballast (for airships)
bôbi butai防備部隊defence force
bôeki kyûsuibu防疫給水部infectious disease prevention and water supply unit
bôekihan防疫班infectious disease prevention squad
bôkû防空anti-aircraft defence
bôkû butai防空部隊anti-aircraft defence unit
bokumetsu撲滅destruction, eradication
bôsen防戦defensive warfare
boshû募集recruitment (Note: In a military context, this term refers to the recruitment of soldiers; but it is also used more generally to refer to the recruitment of employees, contractors, volunteers, etc. )
botai母隊home regiment
bôtô暴徒riot, insurgency
budan seiji武断政治military government (Note: This term is no longer frequently used; contemporary texts tend to use "gunji seiken" or "gunsei")
bugi武技military arts
bukan武官military official, officer (Note: as opposed to a civil official)
buki武器weapon (general) (Note: Can refer to any weapon of war, e.g., rifles, swords or cannons are all "buki")
buki gakari kashi武器掛下士non-commissioned officer in charge of arms & equipment
bumpai分配distribution (of supplies or equipment)
bungyô kyôiku分業教育specialised training (Note: This term would appear on the service records of officers or soldiers in training)
bunka分課allotment of duties

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