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Item title: NAKAYAMA Seiichi diary
Title (romaji): Nakayama Seiichi nikki
Title (kanji)
Location:Australian War Memorial (AWM 82 1/3/51)
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AJRP details
AJRP module: Australian War Memorial official records
AJRP series: AWM 82 captured Japanese documents
AJRP sub-series: ADVATIS material captured in the Philippines 1944-45
AJRP folder:
Location details
Institution: Australian War Memorial
Call number: AWM 82 1/3/51
Inst. series: AWM 82
Inst. sub-series: 1/3/- ADVATIS material captured in the Philippines 1944-45
Item: 1/3/51
Item qualities
Quantity / desc: 81 pages, copy of handwritten diary
Access: Open
Item type: Unpublished, Private
Category: Personal diary
Item content
Creation date range (d/m/y):
Conflict code: Pacific War (1941-1945)
Australian unit names:
Allied unit names:
Japanese unit names:7th Area Army (Ôtsuka Unit Oka 9326)
Names: NAKAYAMA Seiichi
Languages: Japanese
Content: This item consists of two sections from the diary of a Japanese soldier stationed in the Philippines during 1943 and 1944. The two sections are written in different styles and are possibly not the work of the same person, though they seem to be written in the same notebook.The first section (14 diary pages) covers the periods from 1-13 Jan and 7-12 Feb 1943, and makes reference to the Japanese advance and capture of Singapore. The second longer section (67 diary pages) covers the period from 1 Jan to 4 Apr 1944. This section contains details of the everyday life and duties of a Japanese signals officer in the Philippines, and as such is of interest to the historian.
AWM 82 captured Japanese document details
Title: NAKAYAMA Seiichi diary
ATIS number:
Item status: Photocopy - original document repatriated
Item type: Unpublished, Private
Names: NAKAYAMA Seiichi
Names (kanji ):
Sender (kanji):
Recipient (kanji):
Japanese unit names: 7th Area Army (Ôtsuka Unit Oka 9326)
Japanese unit names (romaji):Hitô haken Oka Daikyûsanniroku butai Ôtsuka butai
Japanese unit names (kanji)
Place of acquisition: Philippines
Date of acquisition:
Other information
Wakayama is presumed to be NAKAYAMA's registered birthplace due to several references to his parents and family in Japan.
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