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Sub-series title: ATIS research reports
AJRP details
AJRP module: Australian War Memorial official records
AJRP series: Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications
Location details
Institution: Australian War Memorial
Institution series: AWM55
Institution sub-series: AWM55 12/-
Sub-series qualities
Quantity: Approx. 130
Access: Open
Sub-series type: Unpublished, Official
Sub-series content
Creation date range (year): 1943 to 1947
Conflict code: Pacific War (1941-1945)
Australian unit names:
Allied unit names:
Japanese unit names:
Languages: English
Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia)
China–Hong Kong
Content: This series contains Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) research reports. These report were typically written in response to specific requests from Allied commanders and strategists and were used to assist tactical plans and the propaganda campaign. The reports cover a wider range of topics including: the technical attributes of Japanese weapons and equipment; military operations; naval operations; bombing and aerial operations; aircraft and naval losses; casualties; military geography; Japanese place names throughout the South-West Pacific Area; the psychological impact of Allied tactics; treatment of prisoners of war; the Japanese concept of suicide; entertainment; army brothels; social control in Japan; atrocities committed against Allied prisoners of war; and supporting documentation for the trial of Japanese war criminals.

Some photographic material, relating to Japanese military equipment and the execution of Allied prisoners of war, is included. Publication of the reports continued for a short time after the end of the war, covering such subjects as Japan's entry into the war and the repatriation of Japanese prisoners of war.

The high proportion of captured documents and testimonies of Japanese prisoners of war gives insight into Japanese perceptions of the war, while the choice of subjects researched in depth by ATIS reveals Allied preoccupations at different stages of the Pacific war – and the ways in which Allied intelligence used information to help secure an Allied victory. In general, the emphasis of ATIS research reports was on Japanese psychology, both in terms of their capacity and willingness to fight and the factors likely to affect the post-war Allied occupation.
Other information
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