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Sub-series title: ATIS interrogation reports
AJRP details
AJRP module: Australian War Memorial official records
AJRP series: Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications
Location details
Institution: Australian War Memorial
Institution series: AWM55
Institution sub-series: AWM55 6/-
Sub-series qualities
Quantity: Approx. 650
Access: Open
Sub-series type: Unpublished, Official
Sub-series content
Creation date range (year): 1941 to 1945
Conflict code: Pacific War (1941-1945)
Australian unit names:
Allied unit names:
Japanese unit names:
Languages: English
Area:Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia)
Central Pacific
Content: This series contains Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) interrogation reports of prisoners of war including Japanese soldiers, aircrew and seamen; Korean conscripts; and Chinese and Japanese civilians employed by the Japanese army. The majority of these reports are for prisoners captured during 1944 and 1945, predominately in Melanesia, the Dutch East Indies, the Philippines and the Central Pacific. Prisoners were typically asked a standard set of questions, including basic details such as rank, unit, place of capture, by whom captured, height, weight, age, home location, education, civilian occupation and a basic chronology of their service life.

Major lines of questioning included: the identifications of Japanese army units and Japanese naval vessels; details of the sinking of Japanese and Allied naval vessels; training methods; military organisation; morale and propaganda; attitudes towards being taken prisoner; attitudes towards Allied prisoners of war and other races; casualties; chemical warfare; medical treatment; conditions in Japan; location of industrial centres in Japan; the strategic features of Japanese occupied territory; the effectiveness of Allied propaganda leaflets; and the results of Allied aerial attacks. The interrogation reports also contain charts of unit organisation and sketches of Japanese locations and equipment.
Other information
Notes: The AJRP database does not contain descriptions of all interrogation reports in this series.
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