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Item title: Battle report and barracks diagram for Wangmaoshen
Title (romaji): Ôbôchin no senjô hôkoku, heieizu
Title (kanji)
Location:Australian War Memorial (AWM 82 1/2/500084)
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AJRP details
AJRP module: Australian War Memorial official records
AJRP series: AWM 82 captured Japanese documents
AJRP sub-series: ATIS material registered as B documents
AJRP folder:
Location details
Institution: Australian War Memorial
Call number: AWM 82 1/2/500084
Inst. series: AWM 82
Inst. sub-series: 1/2/- Items registered by ATIS as "B" documents
Item: 1/2/500084
Item qualities
Quantity / desc: 2 pages, handwritten mimeographed copy
Access: Open subject to condition
Item type: Unpublished, Official
Category: Military order
Item content
Creation date range (d/m/y): ?/?/c1941 to ?/?/c1942
Conflict code: Pacific War (1941-1945)
Australian unit names:
Allied unit names:
Japanese unit names:Wangmaoshen Unit
Languages: Japanese
Area:Shanxi [China–Hong Kong]
Yuanqu [China–Hong Kong, Shanxi]
Content: This item is an area diagram and set of instructions for an army unit stationed near Wangmaoshen, in Shanxi Province, China. The first page of the document is a diagram of an army camp explaining barracks arrangements in Wangmaoshen with rooms allocated to troops according to function and rank. Roads leading out of the camp are marked as leading to Wangcunzhen and Yuanqu. The second document contains a report on "battle conditions," and orders for enemy forces to be driven back from the area they have occupied. A diagram is given with orders for troop placement and organisation, and a list of points to be well rehearsed before engagement, such as clear sighting of the territory and ammunition checks. This item was captured at Finschhafen in April 1944.
AWM 82 captured Japanese document details
Title: Battle report and barracks diagram for Wangmaoshen
ATIS number: 500084
Item status: Original document
Item type: Unpublished, Official
Names (kanji ):
Sender (kanji):
Recipient (kanji):
Japanese unit names: Wangmaoshen Unit
Japanese unit names (romaji):Ôbôchin Butai
Japanese unit names (kanji)
Place of acquisition: Finschhafen
Date of acquisition: 04/16/1944
Other information
Some of the place names mentioned in this document have not yet been entered in the AJRP Area Thesaurus
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