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Sub-series title: ATIS material registered as A documents
AJRP details
AJRP module: Australian War Memorial official records
AJRP series: AWM 82 captured Japanese documents
Location details
Institution: Australian War Memorial
Institution series: AWM 82
Institution sub-series: 1/4/- Items registered by ATIS as "A" documents
Sub-series qualities
Quantity: 15 items
Access: Open subject to condition
Sub-series type: Unpublished, Published, Private, Official
Sub-series content
Creation date range (year): 1931 to 1943
Conflict code: Pacific War (1941-1945)
Australian unit names:
Allied unit names:
Japanese unit names:18th Army
51st Division
Languages: English, Japanese
Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Content: These items were classified by ATIS as A documents, and were considered to contain information of operational value. A documents were examined in detail and were given a higher priority for translation. Most of these items in AWM 82 appeared as ATIS spot reports which were only issued to the front lines when considered to be of immediate operational value. Some of these reports are attached to the documents. The items consist of published and hand drawn maps covering areas of New Guinea, the Philippines, Formosa and Japan, military manuals, and the pocketbook and savings book of two Japanese soldiers.
Other information
Notes: One item in the Sub Series "ADVATIS material captured in the Philippines" can also be identified as an A document by the attached scanning sheet.
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