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Database Records by Area and Unit Name
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Show details for Australia Australia
Show details for Burma–Thailand Burma–Thailand
Show details for Central Pacific Central Pacific
Show details for China–Hong Kong China–Hong Kong
Show details for China - Hong Kong China - Hong Kong
Show details for French Indochina (Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia) French Indochina (Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia)
Show details for India–Ceylon India–Ceylon
Hide details for Japan–Formosa Japan–Formosa
Show details for Aichi PrefectureAichi Prefecture
Show details for Aomori PrefectureAomori Prefecture
Show details for ArakawaArakawa
Show details for ChibaChiba
Show details for Chiba PrefectureChiba Prefecture
Show details for Ehime PrefectureEhime Prefecture
Hide details for Formosa (Taiwan)Formosa (Taiwan)
Show details for 141st Infantry Regt 3rd Bn HQ (Japanese)141st Infantry Regt 3rd Bn HQ (Japanese)
Show details for 15th Construction Unit 2nd Coy 2nd Pl 6th Sect (Japanese)15th Construction Unit 2nd Coy 2nd Pl 6th Sect (Japanese)
Show details for 15th Naval Construction Bn (Japanese)15th Naval Construction Bn (Japanese)
Show details for 17th Div 23rd Field Artillery Regt 3rd Bn 8th Coy (Japanese)17th Div 23rd Field Artillery Regt 3rd Bn 8th Coy (Japanese)
Show details for 221st Flying Corps (Japanese)221st Flying Corps (Japanese)
Hide details for 263rd Air Unit (Japanese)263rd Air Unit (Japanese)
Item - JA100048 interrogation report (series Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications): 26/7/1944
Show details for 361st Flying Corps (Japanese)361st Flying Corps (Japanese)
Show details for 51st Combat Engineer Regt (Japanese)51st Combat Engineer Regt (Japanese)
Show details for 51st Independent Anti-aircraft Regt (Japanese)51st Independent Anti-aircraft Regt (Japanese)
Show details for 68th Field Anti-aircraft Bn (Japanese)68th Field Anti-aircraft Bn (Japanese)
Show details for 72nd Anti-aircraft Training Regt (Japanese)72nd Anti-aircraft Training Regt (Japanese)
Show details for Formosan Air Training Corps (Japanese)Formosan Air Training Corps (Japanese)
Show details for Hsin-chu Naval Flying Corps (Japanese)Hsin-chu Naval Flying Corps (Japanese)

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