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Database Records by Area and Year
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Series - BCOF related newspaper articles: 1945 to 1965
Item - BCOF under the command of General MacArthur (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 2/7/1950
Item - Casual labourers refuse to work for public projects (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 16/12/1950
Item - Celebrations for the fourth anniversary of BCOF's arrival in Kure (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 10/2/1950
Item - Cessation of BCON newspaper (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 7/4/1950
Item - Children of BCOF servicemen on school visit to pen factory (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 23/2/1950
Item - Command of US, UK and Australian convoys (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 30/6/1950
Item - Correspondence between students in Kure and Australia after young girl's letter (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 13/1/1950
Item - Dismissal of 1916 employees by Harima Ship Building Co. (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 29/8/1950
Item - Employment policies for 7800 unemployed after BCOF withdrawal (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 8/6/1950
Item - Enticements for new factories part of emergency employment policies upon BCOF's withdrawal (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 28/6/1950
Item - Establishment of a temporary vocational school (series BCOF related documents): 15/6/1950

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