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Database Records by Area and Year
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Series - BCOF related newspaper articles: 1945 to 1965
Item - A year since (3) (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 4/7/1946
Item - A year since (4) (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 5/7/1946
Item - Admiration for classical theatre and music (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 5/8/1946
Item - Airy music to match spring winds (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 15/4/1946
Item - Allied Superintendent Unit (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 10/4/1946
Item - Anglo-Australian-Japanese fund-raising concert for construction of a cultural centre (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 20/12/1946
Item - Appointment of the BCOF Liaison Office staff (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 19/2/1946
Item - Arrival of 16 beautiful girls from Australia (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 24/5/1946
Item - Arrival of British and Indian advance parties in Kure (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 27/2/1946

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