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Item - Advance of BCOF to Kure to replace the US occupation forces (series BCOF related documents): 2/10/1945
Item - Announcement of the withdrawal of British troops from BCOF (series BCOF related documents): 4/10/1947
Item - Audit of the External Liaison Section (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/c1947
Item - Claims arising from joint compliance or non-compliance of UN forces (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/1953 to ?/?/c1953
Item - Closure of the Ôban ammunition dump petition (series BCOF related documents): ?/11/1953
Item - Compensation for victims of unlawful acts by BCOF (series BCOF related documents): 22/5/1953
Item - Compliance with Kure's requests under the UN Administrative Agreement (series BCOF related documents): 1/7/1953
Item - Construction of water supply for the Australian military prison (series BCOF related documents): ?/4/1948
Item - Conversion plan for facilities repossessed from the occupation forces (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/1951
Item - Correspondence and liaison for projects requested by the occupation forces (1945) (series BCOF related documents): 1/4/1946
Item - Donations for injured UN soldiers and civilians (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/c1956
Item - Draft report (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/c1954
Item - Employment policies due to the withdrawal of UN forces (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/1957
Item - Establishment of the UN Withdrawal Committee (series BCOF related documents): 1/12/1953
Item - Gratitude for the return of former military sites (series BCOF related documents): 23/5/1950
Item - Issues relating to policies to counter unemployment (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/1950 to ?/?/1951

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