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Database Records by Keyword and Category
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Hide details for Administrative documentAdministrative document
Item - Conversion plan for facilities repossessed from the occupation forces (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/1951
Item - Draft report (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/c1954
Item - Gratitude for the return of former military sites (series BCOF related documents): 23/5/1950
Item - Petition for the repossession of the Ôban area (series BCOF related documents): 17/10/1953
Item - Petition regarding the administration of national assets (series BCOF related documents): ?/1/1954
Item - Petition regarding the release of requisitioned military facilities (series BCOF related documents): ?/?/1950
Item - Withdrawal of BCOF and disposal of national assets (series BCOF related documents): ?/9/1956
Hide details for NewsletterNewsletter
Item - Commencement of UN projects (series BCOF related documents): 1/10/1957
Item - First meeting of the management committee for UN facilities (series BCOF related documents): 1/4/1954
Item - List of repossessed former military land and buildings (series BCOF related documents): ?/5/1950
Item - Progress after the signing of the UN Administrative Agreement (series BCOF related documents): 1/6/1954
Item - Request for the return of requisitioned facilities and employment issues (series BCOF related documents): 1/9/1953
Hide details for Newspaper articleNewspaper article
Item - 24 properties including Miyajima Hotel to be repossessed (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 13/7/1952
Item - Agreement on the use of a moorage (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 29/4/1954
Item - Attempt to hasten the return of former navy barracks (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 4/12/1955
Item - Attempts to entice factories to repossessed sites (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 26/4/1956
Item - Barge on waterfront street to be returned next year (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 11/1/1970
Item - Barracks of Australian forces returned (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 31/12/1949
Item - BCOF backing away from negotiation with landlords of Hiro (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 6/12/1952
Item - BCOF formally returns land and buildings amounting to 33,000 square metres (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 27/5/1955
Item - BCOF notified the return of the Yoshiura coal house (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 1/7/1955
Item - BCOF notifies the return of requisitioned properties (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 2/3/1955
Item - BCOF returned four sites one after another (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 20/7/1956
Item - BCOF returns three properties (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 15/7/1955
Item - BCOF returns three sites (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 12/8/1956
Item - BCOF to return requisitioned sites including the Kure House (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 21/11/1956

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