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Database Records by Names and Area
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Show details for FUSEI Iwatarô, civilian labourerFUSEI Iwatarô, civilian labourer
Hide details for FUTAMI Akisaburô, Maj GenFUTAMI Akisaburô, Maj Gen
Hide details for Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands) Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Show details for Bismarck ArchipelagoBismarck Archipelago
Show details for Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Hide details for Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands
Item - Diary of Maj Gen FUTAMI Akisaburô (series Army campaign reports and records): 1/1/1942 to 31/12/1942
Show details for GISHI Shôichi, 1st Class PteGISHI Shôichi, 1st Class Pte
Show details for Good, CaptGood, Capt
Show details for GOSHIMA, SgtGOSHIMA, Sgt
Show details for GOTÔ Tadao, SgtGOTÔ Tadao, Sgt
Show details for GOTÔ, KazuoGOTÔ, Kazuo
Show details for GRAFFIN, Lt EdwardGRAFFIN, Lt Edward
Show details for HACHIMAKI, CaptHACHIMAKI, Capt
Show details for HACHISE Seiji, CplHACHISE Seiji, Cpl
Show details for HAGIHARA SeiichiHAGIHARA Seiichi
Show details for HAGIHARA Seiichi, Head Pte, OGINO SeiichiHAGIHARA Seiichi, Head Pte, OGINO Seiichi
Show details for HAGIWARA Kanehide, CaptHAGIWARA Kanehide, Capt
Show details for HAGIWARA, Lt-CdrHAGIWARA, Lt-Cdr
Show details for HAMANAKA HaruoHAMANAKA Haruo
Show details for HAMANAKA Haruo, 2nd Class SailorHAMANAKA Haruo, 2nd Class Sailor
Show details for HANAKI Yoshida, 3rd Class POHANAKI Yoshida, 3rd Class PO
Show details for HARA Kentarô, CplHARA Kentarô, Cpl
Show details for HARABAYASHI, Sgt MajHARABAYASHI, Sgt Maj
Show details for HARADA Hosaburô, CaptHARADA Hosaburô, Capt
Show details for HARADA MasaoHARADA Masao
Show details for HARADA, Sgt MajHARADA, Sgt Maj
Show details for HARA, 2nd LtHARA, 2nd Lt
Show details for Hartwig, Precision Mechanic MaxHartwig, Precision Mechanic Max

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