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Database Records by Names and Area
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Hide details for HATAO, ColHATAO, Col
Hide details for Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands) Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Hide details for Dutch New Guinea (Irian Jaya)Dutch New Guinea (Irian Jaya)
Item - Performance data of German Telefunken tubes (series Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications): 20/2/1945
Show details for Hollandia (Jayapura)Hollandia (Jayapura)
Show details for Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Show details for HATTORI, CaptHATTORI, Capt
Show details for HAYAMA KazuoHAYAMA Kazuo
Show details for HAYASHI Hajime, CplHAYASHI Hajime, Cpl
Show details for HAYASHI Mitsuyoshi, Sub-LtHAYASHI Mitsuyoshi, Sub-Lt
Show details for HAYASHI ShôjirôHAYASHI Shôjirô
Show details for HAYASHI Takamasa, CaptHAYASHI Takamasa, Capt
Show details for HAYASHIDA TosaburôHAYASHIDA Tosaburô
Show details for HAYASHIDA UmeHAYASHIDA Ume
Show details for HAYASHI, 2nd LtHAYASHI, 2nd Lt
Show details for HIGASA Tadashi, 1st Class PteHIGASA Tadashi, 1st Class Pte
Show details for HIGASHI Takeshi (Isamu?)HIGASHI Takeshi (Isamu?)
Show details for HIGASHIWAKI Seiji, WOHIGASHIWAKI Seiji, WO
Show details for HIGASHIYAMA Hideteru, Coy CdrHIGASHIYAMA Hideteru, Coy Cdr
Show details for HIGASHIYAMA NobuhikoHIGASHIYAMA Nobuhiko
Show details for HIGASHI, CaptHIGASHI, Capt
Show details for HIKIUKA (HIKIURA) Shomi, 3rd Class Engine-room HandHIKIUKA (HIKIURA) Shomi, 3rd Class Engine-room Hand
Show details for HIKIURA ShomiHIKIURA Shomi
Show details for HIKOZAKA Goichi, 2nd Lt, OHRA, Lt ColHIKOZAKA Goichi, 2nd Lt, OHRA, Lt Col
Show details for HIMOTO YoshitakaHIMOTO Yoshitaka
Show details for HIRAJIMA Shûhei, Maj GenHIRAJIMA Shûhei, Maj Gen
Show details for HIRANUMA KiichiroHIRANUMA Kiichiro
Show details for HIRAO, ColHIRAO, Col
Show details for HIRASE, KatsutoshiHIRASE, Katsutoshi

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