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Database Records by Names and Area
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Show details for HIRASHIMA Shûhei, Maj GenHIRASHIMA Shûhei, Maj Gen
Show details for HIROSE Shûjirô (Hidejirô?), Veterinary CplHIROSE Shûjirô (Hidejirô?), Veterinary Cpl
Show details for HIROSE, Maj GenHIROSE, Maj Gen
Show details for HIROSE, Yoshio, CdrHIROSE, Yoshio, Cdr
Show details for HIROTSU ItaruHIROTSU Itaru
Show details for HIRUMA, Medical Officer EnsignHIRUMA, Medical Officer Ensign
Show details for HISAEDA AkiyoshiHISAEDA Akiyoshi
Show details for HISAYAMA Takesuke, PteHISAYAMA Takesuke, Pte
Show details for HITAGA Tsuyoshi, MajHITAGA Tsuyoshi, Maj
Show details for HOMMA Masaharu, GenHOMMA Masaharu, Gen
Show details for HONDA Toranosuke, SsgtHONDA Toranosuke, Ssgt
Show details for HONDA YoshioHONDA Yoshio
Show details for HONGO Tadao Chief of StaffHONGO Tadao Chief of Staff
Show details for HONGO Tadao, Col Chief of Staff 51st DivHONGO Tadao, Col Chief of Staff 51st Div
Show details for HORIGUCHI Takeshi, Superior PteHORIGUCHI Takeshi, Superior Pte
Show details for HORIIHORII
Show details for HORII, Lt GenHORII, Lt Gen
Show details for HORITA Saburô, 2nd POHORITA Saburô, 2nd PO
Show details for HORIUCHI 2nd LtHORIUCHI 2nd Lt
Show details for HOSHINO Takatsugu, SgtHOSHINO Takatsugu, Sgt
Show details for HOSODA Tetsuo, SgtHOSODA Tetsuo, Sgt
Show details for HOTA Yôzô, Veterinary SgtHOTA Yôzô, Veterinary Sgt
Show details for HOTTAHOTTA
Show details for Hotze, 3rd Officer HeltmutHotze, 3rd Officer Heltmut
Hide details for ICHIMURA Takeo, Superior PteICHIMURA Takeo, Superior Pte
Hide details for Japan–Formosa Japan–Formosa
Hide details for Japan–FormosaJapan–Formosa
Item - ICHIMURA Takeo interrogation report (series Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications): 28/8/1943
Show details for Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands) Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Show details for ICHIMURA Yôkichi, 2nd LtICHIMURA Yôkichi, 2nd Lt

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