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Database Records by Names and Area
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Show details for Brig TSUKATA RikichiBrig TSUKATA Rikichi
Show details for ByresByres
Show details for Caiger, GeorgeCaiger, George
Show details for Cawley, MajCawley, Maj
Show details for Chamberlain, Basil HallChamberlain, Basil Hall
Hide details for CHANG Chong, Chinese civilian labourerCHANG Chong, Chinese civilian labourer
Hide details for China–Hong Kong China–Hong Kong
Hide details for China–Hong KongChina–Hong Kong
Item - CHANG Chong interrogation report (series Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications): 8/4/1943
Show details for Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands) Melanesia (PNG, Irian Jaya & Solomon Islands)
Show details for CHANG Yock, Chinese civilian labourerCHANG Yock, Chinese civilian labourer
Show details for Chapman, Lt ColChapman, Lt Col
Show details for Chapman, Lt Col APChapman, Lt Col AP
Show details for CHIBA Miyuki, 2nd Class PteCHIBA Miyuki, 2nd Class Pte
Show details for CHIBA Tajurô, Lt-ColCHIBA Tajurô, Lt-Col
Show details for CHIBA Tajûrô, Regt CdrCHIBA Tajûrô, Regt Cdr
Show details for CHIBA Yoshimitsu, Acting Unit CdrCHIBA Yoshimitsu, Acting Unit Cdr
Show details for CHIBA, WOCHIBA, WO
Show details for CHINEN San'ichi, civilian employeeCHINEN San'ichi, civilian employee
Show details for CHIYA Haruyoshi, 1st Class PteCHIYA Haruyoshi, 1st Class Pte
Show details for CHÔ Shoichi, CplCHÔ Shoichi, Cpl
Show details for DANNO Ryûshô, 2nd LtDANNO Ryûshô, 2nd Lt
Show details for DEBA Tokimi, Superior PteDEBA Tokimi, Superior Pte
Show details for Division CdrDivision Cdr
Show details for DÔ Ichijirô, 3rd Class PODÔ Ichijirô, 3rd Class PO
Show details for DOBASHIDOBASHI
Show details for DOI, CaptDOI, Capt
Show details for Doud, Col HaroldDoud, Col Harold
Show details for Eather, Maj Gen Kenneth WEather, Maj Gen Kenneth W
Show details for EDO FusakichiEDO Fusakichi

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