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Database Records by Names and Category
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Item - History of the 38th Independent Motor Car Battalion (series Army campaign reports and records): ?/8/1943
Item - Unit history (series AWM 82 captured Japanese documents): 13/11/1942 to 15/8/1945
Show details for Unit listUnit list
Show details for Work reportWork report
Show details for ABE Nobuyuki, acting Governor General in KoreaABE Nobuyuki, acting Governor General in Korea
Show details for ABE TadaichiABE Tadaichi
Show details for ABE Torao, SgtABE Torao, Sgt
Hide details for ABE YoshimitsuABE Yoshimitsu
Hide details for Battle reportBattle report
Item - Reminiscences of the Guadalcanal operations by ABE Yoshimitsu (series Army campaign reports and records): 17/9/1942 to 5/4/1943
Show details for Personal diaryPersonal diary
Show details for ADACHI Hatazô, Lt GenADACHI Hatazô, Lt Gen
Show details for AIKYÔ Masao, ColAIKYÔ Masao, Col
Show details for AISAKIAISAKI
Show details for AIZAWA , Sgt MajAIZAWA , Sgt Maj
Show details for AKADZU Kisaburô, 2nd LtAKADZU Kisaburô, 2nd Lt
Show details for AKAGAMI TadashiAKAGAMI Tadashi
Show details for AKAMINEAKAMINE
Show details for AKANE Saburô, Senior AircraftmanAKANE Saburô, Senior Aircraftman
Show details for AKIYAMA Noboru, Unit CdrAKIYAMA Noboru, Unit Cdr
Show details for AKIYAMA, TetsuAKIYAMA, Tetsu
Show details for AKUTSU, CaptAKUTSU, Capt
Show details for Allan, B. ColAllan, B. Col
Show details for ANAI Ichiba (Kazuma?), Veterinary SgtANAI Ichiba (Kazuma?), Veterinary Sgt
Show details for Anderson, ColAnderson, Col
Show details for Anderson, Lt ColAnderson, Lt Col
Show details for AOKI 2nd LtAOKI 2nd Lt
Show details for AOKI Shigemasa, 20th Div 2086 ForceAOKI Shigemasa, 20th Div 2086 Force

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