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Database Records for Japan
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Item - Commencement of UN projects (series BCOF related documents): 1/10/1957
Item - Compensation for victims of accidents involving the occupation forces (series BCOF related documents): 1/10/1953
Item - Compliance with Kure's requests under the UN Administrative Agreement (series BCOF related documents): 1/7/1953
Item - Control of prostitution at bases and activities of the municipal police (series BCOF related documents): 1/10/1953
Item - Crimes committed by members of UN forces (series BCOF related documents): 1/2/1953
Item - Donation of jeeps by Canadian forces to the municipal police (series BCOF related documents): 1/11/1953
Item - Establishment of a temporary vocational school (series BCOF related documents): 15/6/1950
Item - Establishment of the Japan-UK Liaison Committee (series BCOF related documents): 1/10/1953
Item - Establishment of the UN Withdrawal Committee (series BCOF related documents): 1/12/1953
Item - Facilities for social projects and public relief works (series BCOF related documents): 1/3/1953
Item - First meeting of the management committee for UN facilities (series BCOF related documents): 1/4/1954
Item - Further special measures to counter the withdrawal of UN forces in 1957 (series BCOF related documents): 1/2/1956 to 1/12/1956

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