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Database Records by Year and Conflict
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Series - BCOF related documents: 1945 to 1980
Series - BCOF related newspaper articles: 1945 to 1965
Sub-Series - Agreement on the status of UN Forces in Japan (series BCOF related documents): c1952 to c1958
Sub-Series - Asahi Newspaper articles (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 1946 to 1965
Sub-Series - Chûgoku Daily Newspaper (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 1952 to 1966
Sub-Series - History of employment policies (series BCOF related documents): c1945 to c1988
Sub-Series - Kure Employment Security Committee annual business report (series BCOF related documents): c1945 to 1990
Sub-Series - Kure Municipal Assembly related documents (series BCOF related documents): 1952 to 1961
Sub-Series - Lease of construction machinery (series BCOF related documents): 1957 to 1958
Sub-Series - Mainichi Newspaper (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 1946 to 1965
Sub-Series - Overview of the conditions in Kure (series BCOF related documents): 1955 to 1958
Sub-Series - Requests regarding special measures related to UN forces withdrawal (series BCOF related documents): c1954 to c1958
Item - 2,000 former BCOF labourers still unemployed (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 19/2/1958
Item - Already three people living at the Jiai Hall (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 4/3/1958
Item - Applications for adoption of 16 mixed-blood children (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 27/8/1958
Item - BCOF Workers' Union renews its demand (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 2/2/1958
Item - Characteristics of Kure's employment policy (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 20/9/1958
Item - Closure of the red-light district (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 1/3/1958
Item - Commencement of the construction of a second grade dam to supply industrial water (series BCOF related newspaper articles): 27/6/1958

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