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Item title: Certain aspects of the Formosan–Japanese relationship
Title (kanji)
Location:Australian War Memorial (AWM55 12/87)
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AJRP details
AJRP module: Australian War Memorial official records
AJRP series: Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) publications
AJRP sub-series: ATIS research reports
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Location details
Institution: Australian War Memorial
Call number: AWM55 12/87
Inst. series: AWM55
Inst. sub-series: AWM55 12/-
Item: RR-113
Item qualities
Quantity / desc: 70 pages
Access: Open
Item type: Unpublished, Official
Category: Information report
Item content
Creation date (d/m/y): 31/3/1945
Conflict code: Pacific War (1941-1945)
Australian unit names:
Allied unit names:
Japanese unit names:
Languages: English
Content: This is an Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) research report issued on 31 March 1945 on Japanese–Formosan relations. Based on evidence collected up to 8 March 1945, the report contains a list of Japanese and Formosan personalities (military, naval, police and civil), a list of Japanese business operations in Formosa, an account of police activity in Formosa (the status of Formosans in the police force, the control of villages and attitudes towards the police), Formosan military training (use of Formosans in the Japanese Army, the recruitment and conscription of Formosan as labourers and into regular army service), Formosan attitudes towards the Japanese, reactions against economic exploitation, hostility between Formosans, Formosan attitudes towards an Allied attack, and Formosan–Japanese relations in the field (Japanese ill-treatment and Formosan retaliation). The appendix includes an extract from a Japanese field military police manual (EP-222). Also included is a map of Formosa and a diagram of the organisation of the provincial government in Shinchiku.

The report concluded that Formosan relations with the Japanese were characterised by a latent, but widespread, antagonism. Although typically conscripted only as labourers, the use of Formosans as combat troops was predicted. It was alleged that a unit of Formosan aborigines (Takasago) fought in the Philippines and was in New Guinea in early 1945. Treatment of Formosan labour units in the field was commonly harsh and brutal. In the field such treatment manifested itself in widespread hatred of the Japanese, a high rate of surrender and attacks upon Japanese soldiers. This report was used to direct Allied propaganda strategy and the ATIS researchers claimed that leaflets would foster passive support from the Formosan population and more active support should a landing take place.

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