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Attitudes to the war
Diary of TAMURA Yoshikazu: Military life and death
Deaths inevitably occurred around Tamura while he was in Wewak. As the type of war he was involved in was not direct bloody combat on the ground, the sudden disappearance of his war comrades hit him hard. The following section expresses his feeling of loss.

“Death of a friend”
A few days ago, my friend was killed by enemy shells in this bay.
However, the bay with its white waves does not look any different.

There are a few drums floating away from boats.
The landscape of the headland is as lush as before.
Boats are moored to the wharf as before.

However, how devastated I feel!

He left us after a work session, sending his regards to other members of our section. The next morning, this friend could not be found anywhere and now he is at the bottom of the sea after an attack by enemy planes.
What an unfortunate fate he had.

However, it is no use lamenting. We hope he is in a peaceful slumber and becomes a god protecting the nation.

At his grave, I prayed for my dead friend’s peaceful repose. (p.45a)

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Diary of TAMURA Yoshikazu, page 45a

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