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Narrow Term (NT): Ambulance Trains; Blood And Serum Units; Casualty Clearing Stations; Convalescent Depots; Convalescent Homes; Dressing Stations; Field Ambulances; Field Hygiene Units; Hospital Laundry Units; Hospital Ships; Hospitals; Malaria Control Units; Medical And Veterinary Stores; Mobile Bacteriological Laboratories; Mobile Bath Units; New South Wales Medical Corps; Plastic Surgery Units; Regimental Aid Posts; Royal Australian Army Medical Corps; Sanitary Units
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NT: Ambulance trains , Blood and serum units , Casualty clearing stations , Convalescent depots , Convalescent homes , Dressing stations , Field Ambulances , Field hygiene units , Hospital laundry units , Hospital ships , Hospitals , Malaria control units , Medical and veterinary stores , Mobile bacteriological laboratories , Mobile bath units , New South Wales Medical Corps , Plastic surgery units , Regimental aid posts , Royal Australian Army Medical Corps , Sanitary units