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Australia - Japan Research Project

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Narrow Term (NT): Anzac War Relief Fund; Australian Comforts Fund; Australian Forces Overseas Fund; Australian War Contingent Association; Catholic United Services Auxiliary; Children Overseas Reception Board Council; Church Of England National Emergency Fund; Country Women's Association; Red Cross; Salvation Army; St John Ambulance Association; United Protestant Association; War Chest Fund; Women's National Emergency Legion; Young Men's Christian Association; Young Women's Christian Association
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NT: Anzac War Relief Fund , Australian Comforts Fund , Australian Forces Overseas Fund , Australian War Contingent Association , Catholic United Services Auxiliary , Children Overseas Reception Board Council , Church of England National Emergency Fund , Country Women's Association , Red Cross , Salvation Army , St John Ambulance Association , United Protestant Association , War Chest Fund , Women's National Emergency Legion , Young Men's Christian Association , Young Women's Christian Association