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Broad Term (BT): 1 Anti Aircraft Searchlight Regiment Training School; 3 Corps Training School; Army Armoured Vehicle School, Puckapunyal; Jungle Warfare Training Centre, Canungra; Land Headquarters Electrical And Mechanical Engineers School; Medical Training Units; National Service Training Units; New Guinea Training School; Officer Training Units; Physical And Recreation Training School, Frankston; Rae Training Centre, Wagga; School Of Artillery, Holsworthy; Ski School, Lebanon; Trades Training Units
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Related Term (RT): Awas Schools; Raaf Training Units; Signals Schools

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BT: 1 Anti Aircraft Searchlight Regiment Training School , 3 Corps Training School , Army Armoured Vehicle School, Puckapunyal , Jungle Warfare Training Centre, Canungra , Land Headquarters Electrical and Mechanical Engineers School , Medical training units , National Service training units , New Guinea Training School , Officer training units , Physical and Recreation Training School, Frankston , RAE Training Centre, Wagga , School of Artillery, Holsworthy , Ski School, Lebanon , Trades training units
RT: Awas Schools , Raaf Training Units , Signals Schools