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Australia - Japan Research Project

Unit Names

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Message Area (MA):
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Narrow Term (NT): 1 Independent Signals Group; 1 Signals Regiment; 1 Wireless Signals Squadron; 103 Signals Squadron; 104 Signals Squadron; 110 Signals Squadron; 135 Signals Squadron; 547 Signals Troop; Air Support Signals; Bcof Signals Regiment; Beach Signals Sections; Brigade Signals; Carrier Pigeon Units; Cipher Units; Cyclist Units; Despatch Riders; Divisional Signals; Fortress Signals; Headquarters Signals; Line Maintenance Units (Signals); Line Sections (Signals); Lines Of Communication Area Signals; Royal Australian Signals Corps; Signals Schools; Technical Maintenance Units (Signals); Tele Operating Units
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NT: 1 Independent Signals Group , 1 Signals Regiment , 1 Wireless Signals Squadron , 103 Signals Squadron , 104 Signals Squadron , 110 Signals Squadron , 135 Signals Squadron , 547 Signals Troop , Air support signals , BCOF Signals Regiment , Beach signals sections , Brigade signals , Carrier pigeon units , Cipher units , Cyclist units , Despatch riders , Divisional signals , Fortress signals , Headquarters signals , Line maintenance units (Signals) , Line sections (Signals) , Lines of communication area signals , Royal Australian Signals Corps , Signals schools , Technical maintenance units (Signals) , Tele operating units