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AJRP update September 2006

Dear list member,

Thank you for your continuing interest in the Australia–Japan Research Project (AJRP) at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

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1. Blankets on the wire
The AJRP has been focussing its activities since the last update in producing a book related to the escape of Japanese prisoners of war from No. 12 Camp in Cowra on 5 August 1944. Blankets on the wire: the Cowra breakout and its aftermath explores the attitudes of Japanese and Australians at the time to try and understand the reasons behind the breakout and the responses made by the various groups involved. Further, it traces the numerous Japan-related activities in Cowra since the end of the war to see how this tragic event has been transformed into a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

Blankets on the wire is a bilingual publication which will appeal to a wide audience, with Japanese and English text on facing pages to remind readers that the tragic events of 1944 can be viewed and understood differently by people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Click the image to purchase a copy from the online shop of Australian War Memorial

Blankets on the wire is available as a free download in PDF format. It is also available as a softcover book from the bookshop of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, the Japanese Garden and Cultural Centre in Cowra, and the Cowra Visitor’s Centre for a recommended retail price of $9.95. It can also be purchased from the online shop on the Memorial’s website (

2. War history series translation
The AJRP has published online a substantial translation of sections of the Japanese official war history (Senshi sôsho) with the kind permission of the copyright holder, the National Institute for Defense Studies. These sections deal with army campaigns from the invasion of Rabaul in January 1942 until the defeat of the South Seas Force in Papua in January 1943.

The AJRP has updated the translation to include six detailed maps of areas related to the campaigns. In addition, the project has received assistance from the Japan Foundation to publish the translation as a book in late 2006 or early 2007.

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Don’t forget that we are always keen to receive any comments about your experience of the AJRP website, your impressions of the contents of the database, or any other general remarks or feedback about the project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by either fax or email.

Dr Steven Bullard
Australia–Japan Research Project
Military History Section
Australian War Memorial
GPO Box 345
Canberra ACT 2601 AUSTRALIA
+61-2-6243 4325 (fax)

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