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AJRP update
September 2002

Dear list member,

Thank you for your continuing interest in the Australia–Japan Research Project at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

You have requested that your name be included in a mailing list that will periodically inform users when the AJRP website has been updated. If you have received this email in error, or you wish to be removed from the mailing list, please contact us at

It has been some time since our last update, but staff of the AJRP have been working to improve the resources available on the project’s website. AJRP staff are confident that these improvements will enhance your experience of the website and contribute to understanding between the two countries.

1. Database: National Institute of Defense Studies documents
The National Institute of Defense Studies was founded in 1952, and was responsible for the collection of documents used to compile the Japanese Official History. Its library contains over 80,000 primary and secondary records, of which some 1,800 relate to campaigns where Australian troops were deployed. This database Series has been expanded and at present contains descriptions of over 900 war diaries, reports, orders and other documents from Japanese Army operations in the South East Area.
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Database: National Institute of Defense Studies documents

2. Japanese and Australian attitudes to the war
This new section of the website seeks to explore aspects of Australian and Japanese attitudes to the Pacific War using archival material held by the Australian War Memorial. It consists of extracts from the diary of a Japanese soldier, TAMURA Yoshikazu, extracts from interviews with Australians veterans, and a comprehensive account of the New Guinea campaign by the former Chief of Staff of the 18th Army, YOSHIHARA Kane.
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Japanese and Australian attitudes to the war

3. Japanese version of the website
The main addition is the incorporation of a Japanese language version of the website. Navigation through the site and the database, searching, and viewing database records can now be conducted in Japanese.
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Japanese version of the website

4. Japanese language content
To improve the experience of Japanese language speakers, the amount of Japanese language content in the AJRP has been increased. The following essays and seminar papers are now available in Japanese:
Dr Richard Reid, Australia and Japan at war 1941–1945: selected images from the photograph collection of the Australian War Memorial
Section 1 – War for the Empire: Malaya and Singapore, Dec 1941 to Feb 1942
Section 2 – Japanese advance: Papua New Guinea, Dec 1941 to Jan 1943
Section 3 – Australia under attack: 1942 to 1943
Section 4 – Japanese retreat: New Guinea, Borneo and the South West Pacific, Jan 1943 to Aug 1945
Section 5 – In captivity: Australian prisoners of war of the Japanese, Feb 1942 to Aug 1945
Section 6 – In captivity: Japanese prisoners of war and civilian internees in Australia, 1943 to 1946
Section 7 – Victory and defeat: Aug 1945 to Sep 1946

Dr Mark Johnston, "Yet they’re just as human as we are": Australian attitudes towards the Japanese in the South West Pacific, 1942–1945

Prof TANAKA Hiromi, About AWM 82 captured Japanese documents

Prof TANAKA Hiromi, The Pacific War and New Guinea

Prof TANAKA Hiromi, Self sufficiency in Rabaul

Prof TANAKA Hiromi, Japanese military historical sources after the war: a brief survey

Prof UTSUMI Aiko, The Japanese Army and its prisoners

Prof KONDO Shinji, The compilation of the Japanese official history of the war in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands

Prof CHIDA Takeshi, Japanese research on the occupation of post-war Japan by British and Commonwealth forces

Don’t forget that we are always on the lookout for suitably qualified people who may be able to contribute to the database or website. We are also keen to receive any comments about your experience of the AJRP website, your impressions of the contents of the database, or any other general remarks about the project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by either fax or email.

Steve Bullard
The Australia–Japan Research Project
Military History Section
Australian War Memorial
GPO Box 345
Canberra ACT 2601 AUSTRALIA
+61-2-6243 4325 (fax)

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