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AJRP update April 01
April 2001

Thank you for your interest in the Australia–Japan Research Project at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

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The following recent additions to the AJRP website have broadened the range of historical materials described in the database, improved access to the records, and provided new resources for those interested in the Australia–Japan relationship. AJRP staff are confident that these improvements will enhance your experience of the website and contribute to understanding between the two countries.

1. Database: Far Eastern Liaison Office propaganda leaflets
The AWM has a collection of several thousand propaganda leaflets that were distributed in the South West Pacific Area, Malaya and Indo–China by FELO during the war. In total, FELO distributed some 69 million leaflets in 7 languages. This Sub-series contains details of approximately 500 Japanese language leaflets, and is the first online finding aid for the collection.

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2. Database: AWM Japanese Language material
This Series consists of approximately 35 miscellaneous Japanese language items in the collection of the AWM. It includes extracts of diaries, letters, postcards, and some propaganda material.

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3. Database: National Institute of Defense Studies documents
The National Institute of Defense Studies was founded in 1952, and was responsible for the collection of documents used to compile the Japanese Official History. Its library contains over 80,000 primary and secondary records, of which some 1,800 relate to campaigns where Australian troops were deployed. This Series at present contains descriptions of approximately 420 war diaries, reports, orders and other documents from Japanese Army operations in the South East Area.

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4. Region and detailed maps
We have added 12 digital maps to the website. These maps, of which 6 are regional maps and 6 detailed maps of Papua and New Guinea, provide a reference and valuable addition to the finding aids on the site. They can also be used to locate database documents for either entire regions or for discrete localities, providing another way to access relevant historical materials.

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5. Research aid: Bibliographical essays
We have commissioned three academics to write new bibliographical essays for the website. The authors and topics are as follows:

Mr Hiroyuki Shindo (National Insititute of Defense Studies, Tokyo)
Japanese operations against the Australian mainland in the Second World War: an overview of Japanese sources

Dr David Stevens (Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Centre, Canberra)
Japanese submarine operations against Australia: 1942–1944

Dr Hiromitsu Iwamoto (formerly Australian National University, Canberra)
Japanese unit histories in New Guinea

These essays expand the scope of previous essays to include overviews of historical materials for operations by the Japanese against the Australian mainland, and are a welcome addition to the site.
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Don’t forget that we are always on the lookout for suitably qualified people who may be able to contribute to the database or website. We are also keen to receive any comments about your experience of the AJRP website, your impressions of the contents of the database, or any other general remarks about the project.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us by either fax or email.

Steve Bullard
The Australia–Japan Research Project
Military History Section
Australian War Memorial
GPO Box 345
Canberra ACT 2601 AUSTRALIA
+61-2-6243 4325 (fax)

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