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Symposium papers: 19-21 October 2000, Australian National University

The Remembering the war in New Guinea project brings together Japanese, Australian and indigenous perspectives of the Second World War in New Guinea, to write a history of war in this theatre which truly reflects the experience of all the groups involved. With international participation, the project will focus on military activity at the strategic and tactical levels. It will particularly emphasise the human experience of soldiers on both sides, their perceptions of the experience of the other groups involved, and the effects of the war on the indigenous peoples.

An international symposium was held from 19 to 21 October 2000 at the Australian National University in Canberra as part of the first year's activities for the project. The program of the symposium appears below. The full text of papers presented is available from the links to the left.

Symposium papers

Hide details for Higher strategyHigher strategy
David Horner: Strategy and Command in Australia’s New Guinea Campaigns
Henry Frei: Why the Japanese were in New Guinea
TANAKA Hiromi: The Pacific War and New Guinea
Hide details for Adapting to warAdapting to war
MAEKAWA Kaori: Forgotten soldiers in the Japanese army
Tim Moreman: Jungle, Japanese and the Australian Army: learning the lessons of New Guinea
Hide details for Enemies and friendsEnemies and friends
Mark Johnston: "Yet they're just as human as we are": Australian attitudes towards the Japanese in the South-west Pacific
Morris Low: Japanese perceptions of the enemy
Hide details for Case study: RabaulCase study: Rabaul
IWAMOTO Hiromitsu: Japanese and New Guinean memories of wartime experiences at Rabaul
TANAKA Hiromi: Self-sufficiency in Rabaul
Hide details for Indigenous experienceIndigenous experience
Geoffrey Gray: The coming of the war to the Territories: forced labour and broken promises
IWAMOTO Hiromitsu: Patrol reports: sources for assessing war damage in Papua New Guinea
Sam Kaima: Ammak Tapduk: Kaiapit-Saidor track during the Second World War
Hide details for Fighting to the endFighting to the end
Beatrice Trefalt: "Tarzans" and "living spirits of the war dead": Japanese stragglers in New Guinea
Peter Stanley: The real Bluey and Curley
Hide details for Remembering the warRemembering the war
KONDO Shinji: The compilation of the Japanese official history of the war in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands
Margaret Reeson: Searching for dad: unsolved mysteries of the fate of Australians missing from New Guinea
TOYODA Yukio: The war in New Guinea as portrayed in Japanese newspapers

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